About photoThe music of singer song writer Eric Canham can be described as old and new as it appeals to both young and older audiences. He is well known for singing covers by only the greatest artist ever to grace our earth. He can cast a spell of magic on you with his soulful and sultry voice as he serenades audience’s with music by himself (Eric Canham) Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Luther Vandross , Marvin Gaye, Eric Clapton, Seal and the list is endless.

He has written music alongside some of South Africa’s greats such as Ernie Smith, Verd ,Vally,Natalie Rungan and Kevin Williams to name a few. His love for music began at an early age and was groomed in his church choir and he later developed his voice singing in his school choir and as a session musician for the Ernie Smith band singing as a male back up vocalist. His favorite genre is RNB and he appreciates all kinds of music such as opera, jazz, pop and even rock.

His very well known in the KZN wedding industry as the number one crooner as he just knows what music to perform to set the hills a light and create the best ambience. His hit single called the perfect one is an rnb love song that he wrote in 2006 has a compelling melody line explaining a cry of a first time love.  He generally performs at private and corporate functions such as Sun coast casino (Tsogo Sun), Toyota, Cansa Sa, Investec Bank and FNB.

He is currently in studio working on completing his debut album entitled (In Love Again) working with some of South Africa’s best music producers available to him and also a resident entertainer at the Oyster Box Hotel. Due to his excellent speaking ability he is also a well rounded Master of ceremonies.